Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Day Of (Bling) Art

Yesterday was quite a fruitful day. I met up with my twin at the National Museum for the Cartier Art Jewel Exhibition.

There was surprisingly quite a turn out for the event and we had to queue for awhile before entering the exhibition. while queuing, I had an unpleasant encounter with a young girl who was with her mum awaiting entry. The minute we stood behind her, she looked at us with disgust written all over her face and I have zero idea why. She had this snobbish, arrogant look as she eyed us and I swear I felt like @$!@%!$(ing) her. I gave her a cold hard stare with the look "you're being rude". I really have no idea what was her problem and Lena was also aware of the situation. She made some comments loud enough for her to hear and she turn around each time Lena said it. Well, if one is not guilty one need not be bothered, right? ^^

Oh well, the exhibition was small scaled but it contained quite a number of intricately hand made vintage jewellery that mostly were worn by imperial members. Many of which are astonishing huge and the smallest caret for diamonds were breath taking. There was a caucasian lady who gave guided tours and her knowledge of Cartier jewellery was quite impressive. Unfortunately, we only caugh a little here and there because we only entered after 3pm.

We finished the exhibition in a short one hour and so we decided to go for some mid-afternoon snacks at Raffles City. British art calls for some british snacks, Cheese Sausage with Mash Potato. yummy! We spent the next couple of hours wondering around the mall before heading down to Funan for awhile and then slowly walked our way through the hazy weather to China Square for some yummy Korean spicy rice cake!! I miss the korean steamboat so much... It was my favourite when I was there and even though it didn't taste as nice but I'm still very satisfied with the meal. The restaurant is call Manna and I think I read some review about it somewhere. It is owned by Koreans but the decor seem more chinese. It would have been nice if they had a stove on each of their table to make it feel more authentic. Nevertheless they had a jug of ice tea (although they serve ice water in korea but close enough), metal chopsticks and spoons (I scald my tongue once with it...) and the white round plates that I commonly used while I was in Seoul. The serving was well enough for 2 and we were full to the brim at the end of the meal. Not to mention, we had 6 side dishes along with it. After the meal, I'm just yearning for the bbq meat wrapped in vege. *slurp* That I will have to wait till Joe comes back cos it's also one of his fave.

After dinner, we took a light stroll as I could no long stand the bursting feeling in my stomach. *burp* So we hopped onto a bus and made our way down to Marina Sq for some tea. After awhile, we decided to go to Marina Mandarin Hotel for some live music and relaxing spa tea. The ambience was perfect and the service is friendly. I was surprised at how nicely they had place everything on a silver tray served by slender waitress dressed in lovely cheongsam. *wink*

I ordered Camomile tea and it came with a lovely china pot and cup. Beside it was some delactable biscuits and a mini pot of honey. They even included a glass of water to cleanse the palate, how thoughtful.

It's been some time since I took shots of myself. My new hair ^^

As well as my loots for this week.

I bought this pig sticker from NBC. My love for anything pig-ly is growing stronger by the day... It may look plain but its actually 3D and some of them are in the shape of gems. I'm planning to stick this on my new planner (when I get it).

Something to tickle your bones from the Mr. Brown Show:

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