Monday, October 16, 2006

Five Surprising Reasons Men Are Happy In A Relationship

Don't be fooled by the male ego. Men look for more
in a relationship than an attractive women who will
cook him a good meal and wash his clothes every
once in a while. What he really needs is your

He needs to communicate with you
A lot of men need to be in a relationship more than
women do. Surprising? Not really, when you think
about it. Women usually have close relationships
with their friends. They talk about health problems
until they feel better. But men don't. As Helen
Fielding's character, Bridget Jones, says, 'Women
have emotions and men have football.' Men are
competitive and so, in general, they rarely share
their emotions or problems with each other, as
they think it makes them look too weak. When he
needs to open up and talk about his feelings,
guess who he eventually shows his vulnerable
side to? You!

He wants to be your hero
Knowing that he can make someone else happy
makes him feel good inside, because he has the
power to change things. And what bloke doesn't
secretly want power of some sort? At least if he
can't always be top dog at work, he can be a star
at home. Instinctively, he aspires to be Spider-Man
or Superman – to be your hero, to be able to make
things right: to be appreciated, to be someone's
knight in shining armour. So when you are
disappointed or unhappy, he feels responsible.
What matters is that you are happy and then he's
got one less thing to worry about. Strange but

He strives to make you happy
The number one reason men leave relationships is
because they feel as though they can't meet their
partner's needs. This makes them feel inadequate,
and it makes them feel as though there's no way
their partner can feel respect for them. For
women, communication seems to be the top
priority in keeping the relationship going – but, quite
honestly, men don't understand this constant need
to talk about things over and over.

For men, the relationship is a success if they feel
respected and if they make their partner happy.
This is why a new conquest is exactly that – he
feels as though he is in charge – he is once again
someone's knight in shining armour.

If you resent him because you feel overworked
and under-appreciated, stop doing so much – you
are probably destroying your relationship! He
doesn't want to feel responsible for you rushing
around, worn into the carpet, and most men really
don't notice whether the housework has been
done or not. What they want is respect and
appreciation. 'All we really want from women,' a
(male) friend recently told me, 'is for you to smile at
us.' (And probably one other thing, if he thought
about it for longer than a millisecond.)

S*x makes him feel loved
*** has the same effect on men as romance does
on women. So the reverse is also true: no *** = no
love, no approval, no acknowledgement. They get
that same sad, unloved feeling that you get when
you don't get flowers, your partner looks at other
women or ignores you.

You are his (secret) reason for living
He needs you because you inspire him to do
better – he has someone to do things for, goals to
reach, a reason to go out and conquer the world.
What's the point of being disgustingly rich and
powerful if there's no one to share it with? What
he needs is the gift of you.

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