Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hair & Nail Makeover

My past few days were spend recovering from my sickness and of cos not forgetting my tea time with beloved twin sista! I brought my friend of a little hairstyle makeover and I finally uploaded the pictures. It has been arranged according to the procedure of her cut and colour by Edmund from Kimage. *My fave!* ^^

She had her hair trimmed and neaten up before Edmund applied the 2 tone highlights. After that, the base colour is added and the hair was 'baked' under the heating machine for a good 25mins.

It went from a brown based, blonde highlights to a 3D reddish blonde shimmer with a medium brown base colour. I think it's more suitable for her and it adds some radiance to her complexion. I also love how he snipped her crown area to give it a slight bob for a fuller look. She had her hair done for her sister's ROM this morning and to help her with her new do, I woke up early in the morning. We had to first tackle her contact lens ... ... It's just her second attempt at it and we wasted 45mins for that. I finished her makeup and hair in 30mins. Just in time for her to rush home and leave for her sister's rom. So here is my attempt at recreating the 'Jap' look.

How to:
  • With towel dried hair, apply some leave in conditioner. (I use Pantene)
  • Use a hair dryer set at medium to high speed, blow the whole head to get rid of some excess water.
  • Decide on the sections of hair you want to work on. For me I choose to do the sides first because they dry up faster.
  • 1 hand moving the hair dryer from roots the end, the other combing the hair in a inward position. I don't have a round comb so I use hands for better control.
  • After both sides are done, I proceed with finding the parting and blowing it towards the direction that I want. As I blow, I use my fingers to comb the hair towards that direction. so that when it drys, the hair will naturally stay at the position I want.
  • Once dry, apply wax (for my case, i used fiber clay - the latest styling product in the mkt) and rub it in the palm before sweeping it across the whole head.
  • After styling it in place, I applied some shine serum to give it a healthy glow. Done!
At the end of it all, I felt a sense of satisfaction and I think it's a good practise for my hair styling skills. ^^ Her sister commented that she could not recognise her. Adds up to my satisfaction. *Big Grin*

My loots for today:
I finally bought the new designer series of O.P.I colours. There are a total of 12 colours but the stall only had 3-4 for me to choose from. It was between purple or dark pink. Only after 15 mins that I decided to go for the pink instead. I bought a pack of floral 3D nail art stickers to ease my nail art cravings. No matter what, DIY is still cheaper right?! There is also a closeup of the diamond dust in the polish and you can notice a dash of rainbow shimmer in it.

It has also been months since I last painted my nails because I always fail on my right fingers. (cos i'm right handed and I have quivering hands) Luckily for today, the brush was good and it was easy to apply. On the nails, the shimmer is remarkable and I have yet to see such beautiful sparkle in any nail polish. Unfortunately, this lovely exclusive line also comes with a 'sparkling' price. At $38 a bottle, I'm going to cherish it like hell! I think I will even bring it along my shape & polish sessions outside.

Following that, I spend another half an hour pasting my 3D nail art. Positioning it in all different directions for every nail. Complication is the key. Never be afraid to be bold with nail art or it just defeats the purpose of doing it. It has been an hour but I think the polish isn't fully dry yet. Now I have to type with utmost care.

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