Monday, October 09, 2006

Here He Comes, Here He Goes

Joe finally came home over the weekend and we could go for the long awaited steamboat dinner he promised me. *HeeHeeHeee* Yummy! It is a shop at Chinatown owned by China National family and it is one of my favourite places for a good steamboat. Their ingredients are little but undeniably fresh and since it is a buffet, I can order till I'm absolutely filled to the brim. With drinks and the Ying & Yang pot added in, we each spent about $25. I think it's worth it as comapared to the MSG pot of "soup" at Marina South. Although at $12, you do get quite a variety of food to choose from.

After that we went to a new pub at Amoy Street opened by a friend of a friend. the pub is called J's Club. Even though it is small, the service is friendly and you get to play pool or you can choose to sing away at the open KTV. There is also a little game machine by the corner that we actually found it to be more interesting. *lol!*

Unfortunately, Joe is taking off soon to the US (dreaming about Coach Bags...) and I'll be have to revert back to the independent me. *sigh~* Ah well, that's life. ^^

So what do I do when I'm bored? Find more accessories to liven up my waredrobe!!! ^^
Here's my shopping loot over the weekend.

1) Red PVC Belt - From 1 of the pushcarts at Bugis Junction.. cheap and nice!

2) Top from Mu, a new apparel shop in Bugis with pretty unique clothings that looked like they were designed by Fashion students. (just a thought) It looks like a butterfly when spread out but the insides are sewn up to fit nicely along the bodyline. Nice touch.
The shorts is from edge and I thought it was a little costly but it looked nice and I can hardly find bottoms to fit my small frame. So quality rules! lol!

3) My last stop at Bugis Village was a shop upstairs that had this big nail art printing machine. the nail art cost $6.90 for 10 fingers and you can choose to have a base colour at an additional $2 or go naked with just the art for $6.90. I chose a light gold shimmer and a jap gal design for my art. It took less than 5mins for each hand and it dries up real fast so I was able to go to the loo immediately after and carry on with my shopping. ;p Note the precision of the printing as well. Not bad for a machine job. The corner is actually a chinese character but it's not very obvious in the picture.

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