Monday, October 30, 2006

Ju Ju Hokkaido Hot Pot

Venue: Basement of Paradiz Ctr
Dinner: 7 Course Hot Pot

At first glance, the bright green sign board seem to make the place look attractive and there was some live band singing taking place outside. They uses booth seats instead of the usual chair seatings. It does make a meal feel more private and cosy. The lightening is quite bright and you can clearly see what you're cooking. You will understand how such a simple thought saves you from the agony of playing 'guess the food' game with a candle lit dinner.

We were greeted promptly by a girl at the door and taken to a booth seat that can comfortably sit 4 adults but the table may not be able to hold any addition dishes on top of the 7 courses. Reason being, the meat/seafood and vegetables are all nicely place on wooden boats similar to the ones I come across when I'm ordering a massive shashimi selection. They have nice little square glasses with neatly arranged vegetables and the presentation just goes to show how much detail they pay attention on. I suppose that adds up to my enjoyment in simply looking at it. Unfortunately, I was so engross in it that I forgotten to take a picture of it ...

I ordered beef (option of chicken, pork, seafood) as my main, vermicelli as my side (u can have rice or noodles too), mango sago as my dessert and it came with a starter compromising of half boiled egg with a special soya sauce, seasoned seaweed and kimchi. On top of that, it included our healthy greens, mushrooms, corn and mine came with lemon grass as well. They have 2 choices for soup, clear or spicy and I read that the clear soup is actually shimmer for 36 hours. Given my recent recovery, I decided to go for clear soup while my dear friend had the spicy one. It was later that I realised how blessed I was for my choice. LOL! =x We mixed and matched around with another choice of seafood as the main.

Usually people share their pots but at this restaurant, each will have that little hotpot and you wll notice holes that are nicely cut out to fit the pot snugly and they use electrical stoves at the bottom of the table to heat the soup. I prefer those as compared to the gas ones that are widely used in the other restaurants. Saves the agony of wondering if anyone may ignite some mini bbq of their own and burn the whole freeking restaurant down.

The starter came first and the waitress upon seeing us as first timers at the restaurant, explained to us how to go about having it. I'm quite amazed at how they managed to boil the external egg white hard and the eye yolk was kept watery. First, we had to cut the egg into half as the shot glass used to contain the sauce had too small an opening for the whole head to go in. So we just had to dip the egg in the sauce that had tasted somewhat sweet and had a nice aroma in it. The seasoned seaweed was okay and the kimchi wasn't too bad as an appetizer.

When our "ships" arrived, the table was pretty much filled up and if there were 4 persons, it could have been a little cramp. I will say that they ingredients are quite fresh, although the beef was kind of tasteless but they had this various sauces that you can mix and match around. I had their chilli sauce with mint and it did taste good with the meat. I had the tendency of 'drowning' all my food in the pot, which ended up with 'casualties' abandon below. LOL! Nevertheless, it was a lovely dinner and we had fun with the extremely polite and thoughtful staff. They sent us wet towels and even stripped it open for us, knowing that our hands will be oily. Halfway through the mail, they sent us a small shot of ice blended plum juice to bring down the heat after having the spicy soup. I did not at any point have an empty cup of tea, the waiters are very attentive and always made sure we had something to drink. Another surprising find was when I smelt the chinese tea, there was a nice floral scent in it. Quite aromatic if you ask me.

By the time I'm done with all the food, I was kind of full but we still headed off to PS (projectblood shop) cafe for some cakes and tea. The place is quite out of the way but it was a totally different enviroment. It was exceptionally crowded and we had to wait for awhile before the door host had time for us. The place is quite cramp with tables placed to maximise the area of the restaurant. Partly that could also be the reason why it was so noisy and we had to raise our voices a little to hear each other out. I really think they should do something about that cos I would classify it as a hit and run cafe. I get my food and I'll be off in a jiffy, not the ideal location for lazing around with friends.

My order was a double chocolate cake the was the tallest I have ever seen and it came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Accompanying that was earl grey tea with lovely china cups that I wish I could have smuggled home. ;p By the time I was halfway through the cake, I just couldn't carry on. It was too much of a sin and I was really filled to the brim. With that moment of folly, I ended up with a sleepless night and bloated tummy for the rest of the day.

I miss the triple choc cake at My Secret Garden... ... so heavenly~

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