Friday, October 27, 2006

Raining or Babies Season?

After morning class, I had a quick lunch before going for my doctor's appointment to follow up on my recent sickness. I have been recovering well for the past few days and he foresee that I will just need another 3 days of antibiotics for full recovery. It is slightly better than the 10 days prediction that he has given me earlier. *phew*

It seems like there are quite some babies being born or mother's who are expecting their second. People around me are all 'popping' like there's no tomorrow. Next week, my student's mum is going to give birth and somehow I feel kind of excited for her too. Anxiety is written all over her face but I believe she has been anticipating for quite some time. Hope she has a smooth delivery. ^^

I was flipping throught the Popular Food Guide @ Singapore, a book published by non other than Popular Book Store. It has recommendations at all 4 corners of the island with 113 hawker stalls, 84 restaurants and 36 coupons that can be used in some of the mentioned places in the book. It's quite a good guide if you're lost for thoughts on what you should have for your meals. So I decided to choose a place for dinner tonight since it's friday and both Norman and Lena are on leave. Perfect day for some yummy food. I selected the restaurant, Ju Ju Hokkaido Hot Pot. It serves a 7 course dinner a $20odd per person. I will leave the review for my next entry.

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