Friday, October 20, 2006

Sick Day 3 & US Parcel IS HERE!!

Today is yet another voiceless day for me as I wonder around my house feeling aimless and 'unspeakable'. *Sobs!* It is getting better but I was hoping to be at least be able to talk today. Unfortunately, an illness like this does not include the word miracle with it. *Sigh~* My forecast for tomorrow should be slightly better as I'm going to be a personal stylist to you know who you are. LOL! So you better pray hard that your "stylish" can TALK!

Stepsils...disgusting chinese medcine, Manuka honey, etc. You name it, I have it. Oh! Not to forget the Pi Pa Gao, an almond tasting, thick textured syrup for curing throat discomfort (HK). So far I think that worked the best for me and comparing all the other medicine, it tasted a thousand times better. I just hate the phlegm that is stuck at my vocal cords refusing disposal, SHoo!!!!

Anyway, my day wasn't as bad as it looks cos my parcel from the US has arrived. Yesh, I got the PCA Pigment Bar after some research. It is meant to lighten pigmentation and scars on the face or body. So you can literally use it on almost anywhere, except you know where la hor! *lol!*

It took just 5 short days to arrive, which was within my 7 days expectation. This product is highly recommended by some and it has also been a discussion in forums. Well, that is where I got to know about it too. I decided to send out a few emails to check if it's sold here and at the same time, I checked out the price online for some rough estimate of the retail price.

For those who are interested, this is only available at clinics but only selected ones. Sadly, I have already deleted the list that was emailed to me but you can find out more through the PCA website. The retail price here is about $69 or so and you can just purchase it over the counter. Reservations are needed cos it's supposed to be selling like hotcakes or told by the nurse at the clinic. If you have an EBay account, I will suggest you can yours from the US like what I did. Even with postage I saved about 20% off and I could do it in the comfort of my own home. ^^

A free sample of the pHaze 6 was thrown in along with the Pigment Bar. It is like a moisturiser applied after using the Pigment Bar. Along with the Pigment Bar is a sponge (as I read in the forums) but I was not exactly expecting such a flat sponge... ... When my mum hugged the parcel home, I happened to be at the door and I knew instantly it was mine. I even went, "Mine. Mine." When I went back to the room, I wondered for a second if I managed to talk just now?!?! I figured out it was just an illusion. *LOL!*

I will post up more updates on this product 3 days later starting from tonight.

A post-picture from Lena's friend, taken at Butter Factory. ^^

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