Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sick Once Again

When will I ever be well. I did regret having Pepper Lunch for dinner last night and for sleeping late too. Sigh~ All my fault. I was hit with a series of cough fits for the whole day and I swear it felt like as if my lungs were going to be coughed out through my throat. *faint* My throat is just so itchy even till now. I think I could have been well if not for yesterday but who could I blame but myself. *Sigh~ I wasn't expecting myself to be sick for such a long time as I usually recover within 3-5 days. It seems like it just got worse today and I had fever in the afternoon. My whole body is jelly and my eyes just want to shut itself. the flu bug is attacking my immune system (once again) and I hope I don't have to lie in bed the whole day tomorrow cos I still have another appointment tomorrow.

If not for my foolishness, I could be out having a lovely night with my best pals. Sobs~ sorry I can't join you all and I feel even more sorry for myself. Sigh~ Being ill has never felt so depressing in my life.

By the way, my brother is selling off his Dell Axim X50. Anyone interested?

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