Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Sims 2

After days of turtle slow internet connection, it is back to normal (for now...) tonight. Sadly, my eyes are exhausted and I can't even remember what I had wanted to do.

Despite all these, I managed to get The Sims 2 for my PSP and it has been keeping me busy for the past few days. Probably that is why I manage to keep my agony in control and guess how much I actually paid for the game? $39!! I paid an extra $5 for it to be delivered to my doorstep. A small price to pay for an arrogant seller I encountered online.

Initially, I had wanted to buy a second hand psp game (at $35) from a girl or guy (whoever..) who advertised on a forum. When I politely asked if he or she could lower the price, the reply I got was a no. After which, I asked if we could meet up in Orchard to transact, guess what? It was another no. By then I was a little turned off by the inflexibility of the seller, so I went round looking at online shops and finally got one selling at $39 BRAND NEW! I ordered one instantly and an hour later, the other seller sms me asking if I was still interested and he would considered meeting in town if I bought 3 games. SHEESH! Firstly, the price is not even attractive enough to entice me to get games I'm not interested in. Secondly, the inflexibility is not the best way in getting your items sold asap. Thirdly, it's not like the game is some keepsake treasure that is sought after by all. So, quit having airs like as if it is and even though I was pissed off, I still replied with a "sorry, I had another offer". It is no wonder why the games are still not snatched up as compared to the rest of the other sellers. what a blessing in disguise! ^^

The service I received was very prompt and they managed to squeeze in the delivery the very next day.

Starting up The Sims2 on my PSP... pictures are a bit blur, do pardon my phone camera. It's time they rise the standard of camera phones to a minimum of 3.2mp!

After some pressing around, my Sim is ready.

With specs or without??

I think without looks better...

The psp version seems different from the PC game even though there is still the usual talking, flirting, house decoration and stuff. There are certain goals to fulfill and aspirations that differs time and again. It is much more challenging as compared to the PC game and variety wise is (definitely) lesser. The other thing they need to improve on is the sluggish speed of the game. It's making me real sleepy. lol!

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