Sunday, November 12, 2006

Adversity of Failures or Hidden Wonders of Unconditional Love

It never came across my mind till a casual conversation probed up upon this topic. When I asked myself this question, what occurred to me was that I had no qualms or regret in all the decisions that I had made and the experiences that had past me. Even when things were not going my way, even when love turned to hurt, there was always an element of joy that I treasured deep in me that I remembered them for even till now.

Nonetheless, why is it that people focus so much on the negativity of life that they make it so much of an element in their life?

The mistakes they dwell on for years ahead not willing to let go of what has past them by. The mistakes that are often veiled with a mask that turns into pain over the years. Is one's life just made up of all the negativity they had gone through?

I beg to differ. Even though there has been wrong decisions, life still goes on. One can never turn back the time and wonder about 'what if'. If I remembered them based on the bad experiences I had, I would forever be stucked in the box drawn up by myself. Occasionally opening gaps to seek for a better route but refusing to let go of the lost that I had worked so hard for. Chinese has the saying, “拿的起,就要放的下”。Longing for something or someone that never was meant to be will only bring more pain and torture but in the midst of all these emotions, it would most importantly be the memorable happiness and joy we once shared that kept or keeps me going in life. so when one stops to wonder why life is filled with so much misfortunate, think of what or who are the ones that have been supporting you through it. Is it fair to bring saddness to the lives of these beautiful people who has provided you with such unconditional support through your darkest days? why do we choose to remain silent in front of those who hurt us and bring forth our pain to people who love us?

Is it the adversity of failures or the hidden wonders of unconditional love?

When you learn to appreciate the litte things in life, it is when you realise the strength you have gained over the years to face the tougher challengers ahead.

The lessons learnt, the hurt forgiven, the unconditional love I had so want to give that has brought me closer to someone I never knew I had failed to understand all these while, Me.


Christmas LightUp Brought to you by Dick Lee:


I took a long visual quiz and this is what I got. After reading through and it's so unbelievingly true!!

1) My Feelings:

You're really easy-going - you like simple pleasures - sometimes there's nothing more relaxing. Quality time with close friends and loved ones is really valuable to you.

For you, happiness is tangible, you feel alive, energetic. Certainly not reserved, when you feel good you like to shout it out. You live in the moment, and like to make every second count.

Your choice of color signifies a sense of physical courage, strength, warmth, energy, and excitement. You are probably a person that can express many personality traits such as being passionate, full of energy and may even be someone that is good at making money. You are also likely to be quick witted, very focused and extremely determined when you want to be.
When it comes to breakfast, you've got really classic taste. A good bowl of something you love sets you up for the day.
Dinner for you is convenient and easy. You love food - but perhaps even more so when you don't have to cook!
Your choice of drink reflects your love of the stability and comfort of routine.

2) Travel Habits

When it comes to vacations, you believe they should always be indulgent - a very special treat - and a chance to recharge your batteries in luxurious surroundings, as well as spending quality time with family and friends

On vacation you like to do exactly what you please, devoting most of your time to your favorite hobby. You love the opportunity to slow right down to a leisurely pace. Time to yourself is a real treat.

A romantic break would be getting away from your usual life, just the two of you living very simply. A chance to relax in each other's company, undisturbed.

You like your accommodation to have character and history. You love local traditions and the beauty of historic architecture.

3) My Style

As for the home, you seem to like a more extravagant style. Your home is a reflection of who you are - down to the last detail and you like to see everything come together as it should be.

You dream of a home that meets your designer desires, cool hard lines, and plenty of glass. Architect designed, achingly cool, you like to stand out from the crowd and with this house, you sure will!

You like your bed to look romantic and luxurious. Your room is your palace!

Your kitchen would be spacious, filled with light, classic style. Neat and elegantly presented, you like everything in place.

4) My Leisure

You probably like seeing the glamorous side of life and keeping up with what's hot. Fashion and style are important in your life.

As for sport - you like it extreme with an edge of danger. Man and machine, do battle.

Music - it's technical and about serious enjoyment. You just love how good technology makes it sound so much better; surround sound, multiple speakers - studio sound.

When you're with someone special you like to do something social and low key. You are both into the same things, and feel together when you are with a big group of friends.

Exercising means regular cardio - you see the importance of your health. Keeping in shape is important - but you like to go at your own pace.

You like people who are energetic, funny and always up for some fun. You like to make the most of everything - and always smile!

Family means all the fun times you share together. It's those who are closest to you, friends are very important.

5) My Lifestyle

You're probably a real romantic and believe in quality of life most of all. You spend money to enhance your life as well as the lives of those around you.

As for spending your dollars - you probably love to treat yourself, and live a little. Shopping is in your blood and you love hitting the stores in style.

When shopping, you try to avoid the crowds - you choose to shop from the comfort of your home. Possibly researching before you buy, you like it all at your fingertips and just a few clicks away. To top it all, it is all delivered directly to your door.
Spare time is spent actively - you take yourself off and spend time in an environment you love. You like to be in wide open spaces with plenty of fresh air. Horizons offer space to think and reflect.

Your most treasured time saver lightens your load - one less thing to think about. The internet makes it easier to stay on top of things.

An extra hour would be spent with your friends - you love catching up.

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