Sunday, November 26, 2006

Barry's Bday Bash

My week has been fairly exhausting and my eye bags are getting worse. *Sobs* I think it's time I practise early nights for weekdays.

In addition to my misery, the diamond peel and IPL that I had last month is causing a hell load of bumps appearing all over my face. I'm not sure if that is part of the effect but I'm wondering if I should go for the second session on the third week. The look of it is just too much to bare and I can't even wait till the 4th week. Darn! Now I feel like making an appointment for next week already.

Anyway, my weekend was spent celebrating Barry's Birthday over at St. James Power Station. It's my first time there and I must say it's BIG. Given the layout and all, I can easily lose my way in there as compared to MOS. The different themes are a plus point and the cantopop downstairs is such a crowd puller. I didn't manage to go down after seeing the queue outside. *faint* Even with our stamps, we will still have to queue. I didn't even need to queue to get in, so I just looked down from the gallery for a glimpse of the place downstairs. It's quite a nice club with spacious walkways and private areas for sitting. Given their excellent service, music, themes and comfort, MOS is going to be losing customers very soon.
I managed to catch up with some old friends and my twin (^^). Unfortunately, Barry was half drunk by the time I was there... ...

Luckily he managed to look normal for picture taking but his lobster face is a big give away. LOL!

The twins~

Drunken Boy!! LOL!

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I am sooo gonna use the 3rd pic as my signature in subaru club