Monday, November 06, 2006

The Good Old Days

It has been a long time since I last chatted with a friend about the good old days. We so happened to realise that we came from the same poly and suddenly all the schooling days memories flooded back. It's a mixture of adventure and amusement. I used to feel so frustrated at that time but now it feels comforting to know that I have had an exciting life during my youth days.

All the courtships that happened back then with great coincidence or fate that brought us together. The bizarre people who I have met in IRC left me with great understanding and surprise findings about human behaviours. With my endless stories, I managed to entertain my friend for a long 3 hours and it was one of our longest conversation online. lol! I suppose I really missed my schooling days and even though many mistakes were made back then, it was fruitful and memorable.

Now, IRC is just a trap with lurking mices out to prey on unsuspecting victims. It is no longer as fun as before and the friendship that I once had so much fun with is no longer seen in IRC anymore. I have not logged into IRC for what seem like donkey years and I don't intend to for the next half of my life.

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