Friday, November 03, 2006

It is yet the end of another week and hopefully I can get it to try out something new this weekend. ^^

Even though so far everything has been smooth but I had a week of sleepless nights. My grandma's senile problem has been getting worse and I never had a good rest for days. I would be flipping around restlessly and waking up at insane hours of the morning. *Sigh* Just hope she'll get better or I'll be a permanent panda.

I think for this weekend, I just feel like lazing around. The endless nights of tossing and turning have given me some sort of mood swing and I'm getting irritated easily. Maybe what I need is a triple choc cake. *HeHeHe* or?


I just love accessories and necklaces are my favourite. Love the cute little tower and the interlocking rings are just lovely.

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