Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mail, Mail and More Mail

I came back with much delight to what was waiting for me in the mailbox. All my GOODIES!!! The items I bought from Yahoo! Auctions are all here. Well... almost. LOL!

Accessories from Maple Syrup Taiwan arrived in 4 working days and it looked exactly the same as the pictures. I really love it a lot! They even threw in a bear hair band and a pair of heart shape clips. How thoughtful of them. I tried on the pink gold earrings, cute right? ^^

The red little thing is an IB Pass of the new security system for DBS online banking. It was cuter than expected and they had 4 different coloured stickers to differentiate the devices. Since I only have one but I still sticked the pink one. ^^ It would have been nice if they could throw in a key chain or something...

With this, I ended my fatigue day with much joyous delight.

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