Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Me" Day

Today is a quiet day by myself. Sometimes I just enjoy some private 'me' time where I can run errands and do some guilt-free shopping at my own pace. I would always find a quiet corner where I can just sit and have my meal and I also had a long walk home under the cooling weather. Not only a good form of exercise but a time for me to have some thoughts of my life or anything that has been happening around me. ^^

After lessons, I dropped by Tampines Mall for just a tiny bit of shopping. As I walked past Mondo, the pair of B&W knitted heel that I eyed for at Far East Plaza was sitting there prettily, beckoning me to come forth. *starry eyes* I just had to give it one last shot for my size and they did! I had wanted it so badly last month but it was sold out. After trying, I just had to get it.

so here it is! The SA recommended me a shower gel but I didn't want to spend so much so I gave it a miss. She was kind enough to offer me a sample to try first. ^^ I will give further reviews in a weeks time. The gold shimmer nail polish was bought at SASA. A cheaper alternative to paying for manicures.

Along the way, I went to the Ettusais counter to get a acne body whitening mist. The one I got from The Face Shop was inadequate and finishing soon. So I decided to give Ettusais a try but I was planning to get the Origin Modern Friction as I had lots of tiny bumps lately. That is one of the best dermabrasion product I had ever used so far and even with a slightly hefty but still affordable price tag, I will still go for it.

My lunch for today was Beef Redang Rice Set. It consisted of yellow rice, beans, fried peanuts, ah char, hei bi hiam, in-house chilli, crackers, egg slices and beef rendang. The whole set cost $5.50 and I will say it's slightly costly considering that they didn't throw in a drink. I had to order it seperately for another $1.50. Well, i love trying new stuff so no harm done.

They have other choices such as mee siam, mee rebus, lontong, etc. The presentation is quite nice given it's little shop space at the basement of a shopping mall (TM). Overall it's quality of ingredients, taste and appearance are above average. I had always love yellow ginger rice and when I walked past, it smelt heavenly. Just that the rice did taste a little too buttery and salty, otherwise it would have been perfect. Although the beef rendang wasn't the best I had tried but it's acceptable.

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