Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sleep? What sleep?

I wonder if my mind is even functioning right now. Last night was another sleepless night and if I had to be exact, I only slept for a mere 2 hours. I only fell asleep at 6 in the morning and woke up at 8.30 a.m. The rest of the time was spent flipping through the morning newspaper, a quick breakfast before heading out for a 2hour class. Fortunately, I was doing most of the talking in class and I didn't even feel a hint of exhaustion till it was over.

After lunch, I had to do some order tabulations before finally hopping into a cab back home. Even so, I stopped at the blocks nearby to get my favourite bubble tea to cheer myself up and walked a couple of blocks home. It's 5 pm now and I have yet to take a nap. I think the fries I had along with my bubble tea should last me till 8 or 9pm before I rumage around the neighbourhood for dinner later. My mum is going for some event and my dad doesn't really buy any exciting dinner home. So I rather walked out and grab my own dinner. Unless someone wants to go out for dinner with me... *sigh~ I have so many things I want to eat.

My mind now is in a blank.. time for a nap. (zzzzz)

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