Thursday, November 09, 2006

SMRT Drama MaMa & More Loots

I just got home not long ago. Had my dinner at an unthinkable 10pm and finally settled myself down to blog about what happened today.

My day started out early with a morning class nearby. While I was taking the train back after my first class, I was enervated and starved for lunch when I happened to be walking towards the entry machines that I noticed a lady in front of me glancing over her shoulder towards an uncle who had evidently stopped in his tracks. As I walked past him, I noticed his eyes were closed and one hand was clutching his waist. His face showed a sign of discomfort and I instinctively walked back to him to see if he's okay. Obviously, he wasn't and I waved at the staff in the station control. It was fortunate that we were just steps away from the station control. I told the staff that he seem unwell and when he held onto the uncle's hand to see if he was alright, an unexpected thing happened. The uncle simply lost consciousness and fainted right in the arms of the then (i thought to be) "hero". I was astounded and worried as the uncle had complaint of sharp pain in his appendix. At that point in time, I wasn't aware of how serious such pain can be and I asked if maybe he should move the uncle aside to rest.

What happened next came as a confusion to my expectations of how well prepared SMRT staff are towards accidents in the station. The staff use one arm to support the (already) fainted commuter for nearly 2-3mins in a standing position. He was capable of moving the uncle, judging by his physical being but he continued to keep him standing. At this point in time, puzzled thoughts over-shadowed my anxiety. The staff muttered something about his staff coming but I saw none. After about 1-2mins, another control staff pushed a wheel chair in a RELAXED (!!) pace as if there was no emergency involved. By now I was really doubtful of whether they were really super duper calm to the extend that I may have mistaken it for "bo chup" aka can't be bothered. I continued to stay there as it seemed to me that there was something not right about the way things were going. 5mins had past and my eyes were fixed on the uncle's expression. He seemed weird all of a sudden and I notice quick jerking movements. Then I got really scared when I saw foam coming out of his mouth. Instantaneously, I told the guy (still holding onto him in a UPRIGHT position) that he's going into a fit. He just gave me a expression-less look and muttered something I could barely comprehend. Maybe I was too worried of the uncle that I seem to have forgetten the anger that was building up inside of me.

In just barely less than a minute later, the uncle was jerking more violently and it was then that the staff decided to loosen his grip. Even in the midst of his (uncle) discomfort, he was able to request the staff to lay him down. I had really wanted to help but I wasn't physically strong enough to move him. So there he (staff) is with that strong body frame and "waiting for disaster to happen" attitude simply pissed me off! The other staff who had brought the wheel chair over was also standing there looking down at him. Even as he laid there jerking violently and clearly in a state of fit, all they did was LOOK?! The cleaning lady behind also offered a suggestion that he should put a spoon in his mouth to prevent him from biting his own tongue. It didn't take an idoit to understand that but the staff just muttered again. This time say he's afraid he will move his head??!! Although I wasn't sure what the uncle was suffering from but I was very certain that the staff was not even aware of what he should be doing.

I glanced over at the counter and the lady inside asked if he needed a medic. What do you think?! He was foaming at the mouth, open your eyes wide and SEE! You know what the guys outside told her? He said, "wait." I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that and even a silly little girl like me knew that the ambulance MUST be called! The lady had to ask a few more times if they needed a ambulance before the staff just nodded his head. Throughout that, they were just standing there looking down as if waiting for him to crawl backup his feet. Can you imagine, they even laid him down in the middle of the entrance and by then there were curious passer-by watching him in fit on the ground. It was only after the lady had called for the ambulance that I decided to leave the man with an ease of heart. Nevertheless, I was still abit shaken by what had happened and as I walked on, it surprised me at how ignorant everyone was about their surroundings. Even when there were clearly people who had noticed his discomfort, chose to walk away. It came as an even bigger dismay to me that the staff in the station control did not notice the man as well. Although he was just less than a meter away from them. With that said, I believe my confidence about how well SMRT staff can react in an event of an accident is at the lowest of my life. If I had not alerted the man to come out to help, then who would have? Maybe the kind cleaning lady beside me?

In the afternoon, I related the story to Joe and he had the same reactions as me. It was then that he told me how dangerous and life threatening such problems can be. If the guy had appendix problems, he could have lost his life if he was not treated asap. Somehow I'm still very worried for that uncle and I hope he would be fine.

Anyway, now for some pictures to cheer myself up. ^^

This nail art is diy-ed by me (of cos! lol) and I used the diamond OPI series nail polish with lace and coloured nail art gems. Took me 2 hours to finish. >.<
I know the pink electric toothbrush looks out of place but they're all pink anyway... it's new too. I decided it's time I got rid of my 4 yrs old toothbrush after seeing the amount of dirt accumulated in it. *faint*

Loots from last week till now:

The white dress is surprisingly cheap and pretty. With it is a vinage belt that I bought from some uncle and it cost more than the dress. I did feel a bit silly after that but it a solid elastic band and a gun metal rustic buckle. The necklace is simple and elegant. Something I was looking for and it's only $10. At the bottom are crystals from the DIY shops and I intend to sew it onto my caps and maybe other accessories or clothings for decoration.

The red top on the left was at a discount and it was only after 2 months that I decided to buy it. I hope it looks like the picture cos I got it off the net and it should be arriving tomorrow or the day after. Another nice purchase if the pink dress in the center that was going for less than $30!! I figured out it will be good for cny. ^^ I'm also crossing my finger that I can fit into it and whether it will look just as good as the picture. Although I had asked for measurements and all, but one never knows. On the right is a black flats that cost only $19.90 and believe me it is just as comfy as the price itself. *lol* I saw the design at pazzion but they didn't have black. Even thought I loved the patent leather look they had but I was very much into the black even though I was prepared to pay for it. After walking around, I found a few shops that had similar design (as above). One was way too uncomfy that I wondered how they could put it up for sale?! The shoes bites at every possible contact with the feet. It's nuts! The price is just as biting too! The other shop had a similar look, so I just walked off instead.

Initially, I really love the white for this design but I really wanted a black shoe. To the extend that I was wanting to get the same pair in different colours but I thought it was kind of silly. It would also be better if I got the white in patent leather as it would be easier to clean if it ever got dirty.

Lastly, I got some hp accessories to bling up my phone but I ended up chatting with the uncle for more than half an hour. He had alot of bling bling for hp and at reasonable prices too. All the items are imported from Japan and it is noticable through the quality and design. The crown is actually a stick on dangling accessory for the phone and I'm not planning to stick it yet. Why? Let's just say I got bigger plans later on and it will be incorporated with it. *heehee* The other is like a mini handle or strap for flip phones only. *yeah* The pearls are quite nicely polished and at the bottom are bling bling crystals! When I say bling, I really mean bling. It's not the kind that you find at bugis villlage 3 for $10 cheapo gems. This are original Japan crystal accessories. They take pride in "blinging" it up. *.*

Okay that's all for tonight and I really need some rest for an early day tomorrow. (zzz)

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