Sunday, December 17, 2006

All The Glitz & Glamour

It's been a couple of days since I sent out the present to my mystery santee but through my tracking, it seems that she wasn't around to receive it and they have left a notification card. Hopefully she picks it up at the Post Office before they sent it back to me again.

Joe surprised me on Friday when he called me from the Airport and informed me that he was back from Korea. *hehehe* Not that it was intended but he had the possibility of missing his flight when the client tried to be funny and delay his time in Korea. SIA didn't help much when they screwed up his departure dates due to an overbook of tickets. They had to move a family to a later schedule to accommodate him into the flight.

Everyone seems to be flying at year end, even San has went to Bangkok and won't be back till tomorrow morning. I so want to fly too!!!!!!!

I have still not yet decided what activities to do on Christmas and neither do I want my it to be as boring as the previous year. Time to make some planning. Presents Presents and more Presents!

Last night was spent watching some war movie on Channel 5 and learning to value of pride and honor. It pretty much ended on the right note and you know how frustrating it can get when they have an abrupt or unfavourable ending to it all. Speaking of movie, "The Curse of The Golden Flower" is previewing on Wednesday. It's a must watch movie for me and despite the bulging cleavages, I'm still watching!!! LOL! Gong Li is so stunning, even as a girl I will drool over her looks. Not to mention, there is chow yun fatt, charming and a fabulous actor. ^_^

When I came home yesterday, I saw a nice shiny gold envelope sitting at the table with my name on it. I'm surprised and stunned at how lovely it looked that I only opened it this morning. It was from Fendi and they have sent me one of the most beautiful Christmas Cards, I have ever received for years. It is even personally signed by the staff at DFS Fendi. Just goes to show how much they treasure their customers. Now ask LV to do that! ;p I'm definitely safekeeping this for as long as I can. ^^

Enjoy! ^^

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