Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bidding WAR!!!

I'm now in a hell of a frenzy bidding war. Even though my Dopod phone is pretty excellent as a PDA phone, I decided to put it up for sale and offers are literally flooding in and my phone can't stop ringing with SMSes.

Initially I was given crappy offers so much more below my price but it seems like everyone wants to have a new phone to pamper themselves for Christmas. The bidding just got higher in less than 5 mins and I have to stop countless times typing this paragraph to confirm the highest bidder. I have never thought a phone can be such hot property. Now I'm stuck in war with 2 very interested buyers who have been constantly matching each others prices and challenging their fastest timings to reach my estate. *Faint!* I hope it doesn't end up in a fight... >.<

Anyway, another person is really crapping all the way. He states that my phone is more expensive than the second hand retail shops then by all means do buy from them. Why are you giving me a higher offer on top of what you're offering me in the first place. Buyers are not fighting over the phone for no reason. I take care of my phone and it's scratchless! Neither do I cheat my buyers by removing accessories or even telling u at the last minute that it's not a nett price but GST is not included. The best part is the person is telling me how much the shops are taking in the phone. At times I wonder if he or she knows that he or she is using his or her hand to smack his or her own face. If retailers are selling at a price cheaper than mine, do you think anyone will want to come to me. If I were to sell it to him at a trade in price then he should really go reflect on his cheapskate attitude.

Like what Joe says, if you're not going to pay the price of high end goods, don't even take up the hobby. ;p


Another xmas pressie from Joe ^^


Sex And The City, Thumper's Style

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