Thursday, December 07, 2006

Caught In The Rain

It was raining cats and dogs the whole day. Even with the miserable free GNC umbrella, My feet and beloved Papillio sandals got soaked to the core. Grrr!!! I had no choice but to dry myself at the nearest toilet around and walked with damp sandals for the rest of the day.

After class, I made a trip down Sim Lim Square to get a Micro SD card for my phone. Being the silly person I am, I lazily walked in the drizzle from the MRT to SLS. suddenly, I remember how nice it felt when as kids we all love to be drenched in the rain. Sadly, my body did not think that way. I started feeling chilly by the time I reached home and I could feel an unusual itch in my nose. A sign of a block nose and an erupting cold coming my way. Hopefully, the Ginseng Chicken Soup that my mum brewed for dinner chase that cold away. *Sniff~Sniff*

I came across this question in a discussion with my younger peers, "Is it possible for a couple to patch back after a break up?" As much as I liked to say, "Yes! Be optimistic, it may work out" and I really did use to believe that it would. I let out a sigh and said, no.

Why? One reason is enough to defeat the rest of the odds, couples no matter whose in the right or wrong, love or without love, will never be able to overlook the past and move on without letting it intrude into their present relationship. They may just end up digging up the faults of their partners when all they commit is a mere mistake that can be forgiven easily. As much as they will like to tell themselves, "yes, I can do it!", the insecurities in their heart is too much for them to bare. Eventually, they simply give up after trying so hard. It is no one's fault but a mis-match of 2 people. Of course a couple can still preservere and try to work matters out. Some have far higher expectations than before or it becomes a one sided affair whereby the other just sits around and wait for a miracle to blink upon their life.

To adapt to change in any aspects of our life, is one tough challenge in mankind.


Nail Art For The Week
I'm still learning the tricks of my new camera phone and it seems kind of dark and tough to capture a good photo. The nail colour is supposed to be in a light copper shade and the cutesy pigs sticker.

Pouch and SD Card For My New Phone
I found this cute pouch at Tampines Mall while having dinner with my friend and my 1GB memory card that I got from SLS for $40!!! ^^


On The Plane

Who needs to go out shopping when I could do it with a click of the mouse. Cheaper and prettier! Now, that's what I call clever shopping. ^^

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