Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas Just Gets Better & Better

I'm really loving my Christmas this year. 2 Parcels arrived today and one more to go or rather 2 cos there's a seller who emailed me regarding a clothe she has not sent me for quite a long time. Better late than never.

Time really flies so fast and Friday is here again. I'll be having potluck with close friends with Joe and I hope I'll be able to make the Korean hotpot as promised. *cross my fingers* I'm also hoping my twin will bring along some viet rolls *slurp* and I wonder what other food we will have. *HmmmHmmm*

It's so hard to find the right recipe and I'm hunting high and low right now. *Gggrrr!* The night is usually tranquil and the time for me to unwind after a day. Unfortunately, my grandma is now nagging away but there is nothing much to be done. Dementia is one illness that although frustrates the people around them but as family members, we have to provide support and understanding for something that they can't control. * Wo Ren!*

Like is such, when family members are there to give you care and understanding, we tend to take it for granted till the day we lose them. I'm not going to look back one day to think that I have not spent enough quality time with her nor regret not having memorable moments with the love ones around me.

To have love ones say hurtful words, disregard their feelings, is the greatest sin that not god but mankind has ever created.

Okay, time for some pictures of my lovely xmas pressies and more recipe hunting...

1) An Origins Exfoliator (Modern Friction)
- I swear it's one of the best I ever used and there has been quite some raves about it.

2) Sticker Book
- My student has been such a good girl, so I decided to reward her with a little pressie. ^^


Patricia Field La Rue Bag

After anticipating for 2 whole months, it's finally here and surprisingly sitting by my laptop. I felt a sign of relieve when I saw my Origins parcel on the dining table and when I thought that was enough to brighten up my day, I was greeted with a box on my computer desk from New York. Instantly, I just forgot all the weariness I had.

I'm so going to love it. ^^

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