Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I Feel So Lucky This Christmas!

Christmas eve was hell of a busy day with the rush of festive last minute shopping (read previous post). Followed by the BBQ at a friend's condo where we had delicious chicken wing and heavenly curry chicken. *slurp* After which we did a gift exchange and I managed to ballot the same gift twice. How lucky can one get or should I say that it was fate?

I will upload pictures once I get them out from Joe's mobile. Now I know the pains of not having a camera phone. Sobs~

We had cheesecake from this bakery call, The Passtier. I have heard so much about it but it was only on Christmas Eve that I managed to try it. The cake was lovely and I was told that a kg cost $50?!?! Everyone had great praises for it and some even went second round. I'm so going to get that cake on my next birthday.

Christmas Day and I woke up reluctantly after being awaken by my grandma and my mobile. (zzzz) The late nights and early mornings really taken a toll on my eyes. >.<>


Marina Mandarin

More Xmas Pressies!!!

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