Wednesday, December 13, 2006

In Christmas Mood

My twin and I were suppose to catch some movie yesterday but by the time we were there, it had already started and there was only 1 other session left. So we walked around and went for dinner after that. It has been a rather sick week and my phlegm from my recent cold has yet to clear. Not to mention, I have been feeling rather tired and lethargic the whole time. I suppose I haven't been sleeping too well...

I just went to get my secret santee a gift for Xmas x-change and I reckon that vouchers are the next IN pressie for the year. LOL! Self proclaimed... It's better than giving them something they don't like, right? So hopefully she will like it cos it's from her favourite shop. ^^ With xmas coming, various activities are piling up and I'm still not sure what to do. *lost*

Time to carry on my lunch...

Pictures from last week HK purchase

It came in a short 2 days. That's what I call service!

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