Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's Christmas Eve!

I never knew my Christmas can be so busy. After spending the whole day grocery shopping for Friday's potluck, I was left with an hour to prepare the food as Joe decided to make himself busy for that day too. Grrr! Anyway, it was quite a success and I kind of regretted not taking any pictures. The lucky part is that I will be doing the same hotpot again on New Years Eve upon request from my relative. ^^

Yesterday (Sat), I had quite an enjoyable class in the morning followed by a trip down to Sim Lim. Joe got me a Xmas pressie, a Microsoft Mouse. My old mouse decided to go koo koo on me and the scroll went nuts on its own. >.< I will take a picture tomorrow as I'm kind of beat out from the recent days activities. Not to mention I did not have much of a good sleep after continuously being disturbed midway through the night.

I just got back not long ago from a midnight movie with friends. We watched, "Night At The Museum". Initially it sounded corny to me and I must admit that the starting was a little dull. Mid way through the movie, the comedy started rolling and the whole cinema was soon laughing at the countless silly jokes that the script writer was able to come up with. If anyone needs a good laugh, this is one show not to be missed. Entertaining I must say. ^^

Later in the afternoon, I need to meet a buyer for my necklace. Although I really love it but I just had to let it go. Hopefully he or she doesn't lose his or her way. ^^ Some $$ for my almost broke Christmas. We just bought little pressies for tomorrow's gift exchange Xmas BBQ dinner. Somehow it's just fun and cosy to have friends over at their homes and making our own food. Eating out maybe easier but the feeling is totally different. I just love to make my guest feel at home with nice home cooked food and where we can chat in a peaceful environment. I can't imagine if I have my own place, I will be inviting friends over all the time. ;p

It's time I grab some winks if I am to wake up on time. There are still presents waiting to be wrapped, chores to be done and more more more pressies to be collected. I am at a lost of words for the number of greetings and thoughts from people around me.

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