Sunday, December 31, 2006

Morning of The Last Day For The Year

It's 5am now and I'm not feeling tired nor am I wanting to sleep. Maybe it is because I kind of miss ending the year so soon but there is also a certain feeling of excitment as to what may happen in the year ahead of me.

A couple of hours ago, I had dinner with the usual gang at Da Paolo Il Giardino where they serve fabulous Italian cuisine with excellent customer service. Reservations are recommended if you intend to go there. I even dressed up for the occasion and slipped in my lovely satin heels that have been living in it's box for way too long. Luckily it did not rain today, phew~

I had the Vogole, which came as a surprise and a disappointment. Disappointed because it was not a soup based pasta but surprise that it tasted really good. ^^ After that we headed down to My Secret Garden for some after dinner desserts and tea. The triple chocolate was one hell of a devil with its thick chocolate topping and "choking" texture. I added an additional scoop of vanilla ice cream that tasted different from the usual I have outside. The texture is slightly thicker and a bit chewy. In addition, it was not too sweet as well.

:: Triple Choc Cake ::

:: Pictures taken at My Secret Garden ::

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