Thursday, December 14, 2006

Piss-ful Day

My day started pretty early today only to end with a slight headache. I suppose my sleepless nights are causing a toll on me.

I had sent my dress to a tailor near to get some minor alterations but she ended up making a small hole on it. Although it's not obvious but I really hate it when people ruin clothes when they are brand new and it's obvious that she didn't put in much effort to do it well. It's time I get my own electric sewing machine and get things done myself. *GRrrr!!*

Lately there are so many incidents pissing me off.. Even my email decided to go on strike and I'm not sure if its mine or yahoo mail that mails are not getting across. (like as if it's my fault!) I've sent the email so it's time these servers BUCK UP!! ARGH!!!!! I could have got things done almost immediately but what the hack is wrong with the email. *ARGHHHH* Technology has given us so much convenience but it frustrates as the most when it malfunctions.

I hate my email!!!!!

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