Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Santa Is So Good To Me

I can't help but feel excited even though I'm really exhausted after a long day.

A pleasant surprise dropped into my Email stating that the Patricia Field's Bag I order 2 months ago was ready and shipped out of the US. I hope it arrives in time for Christmas and I think it's been ages since a present dropped in at such a good timing. Although I did have to wait for a good 2 whole months while they manufactured the to-die-for bag that was one hot item featured in the movie "Devil Wears Prada" and it has been sold out ever since. Why?! Cos it's just so damn HOT! I have not been GaGa over a bag for so long and maybe the wait added more anticipation for it. There has been mixed reviews about it but I reckon that I may still love it. If not, I still have the option of reselling it on Ebay since the price appreciates in value. ;p

For those who are unaware of the brand Patricia Fields, she is a reknown designer in the US for coming up with the wardrobe in Sex and The City. In fact she still has a couple of collections that you can grab from the set. I will say that her designs are somewhat bold and a little unusual. Some may take a person with attitude or character to carry it off. Nevertheless, they're still gorgeous. ^^

I just tried tracking my parcel and it has left New York City on the 16th (which I suppose is the 17th for me) and it should arrive in 3-5 working days. Since it's the holiday season, I suppose it may take up to 5 days to process. Not to mention, it's a 24 hour flight and 1 day is wasted in the air. Since it is shown to have arrived in Singapore, I suppose it is either still in transit or maybe the post office have yet to sort it out. Please come before Christmas so that I can be a child once again and feel how it's like to wake up one day glancing over the present that I yearn for. Even as a kid, I never received any christmas presents from my mum and I still remembered how jealous I will be when I saw the presents she got for other children. Even though I sort of bought this present for myself (not exactly intented to be a xmas pressie but I had a 2-3 months waiting period. Sheesh! and who said birkin bags were the only exclusive ones.), it still felt special especially at this time of the year.

Fabulous Bag From Patricia Field's

FuFu's Recent Superstitious Encounter

Even though it's 2am now, I don't wish to freak anyone out. (especially myself >.<) Nevertheless I still need to... ... When I got home, my granny was telling me how crowded it was at the opposite block and I thought there was some fire or arguemet breaking out soon. Except for the fact that I just got up from downstairs and I did not see a soul. I went to the window and saw no one what so ever. Then I told her that there wasn't anyone.

She proceeded to look out of the window from the bedroom and pointed to me how crowded it was downstairs. I looked out again and still saw none. I thought maybe it's the weather and the shadows of the trees that made her think that there was a crowd. In addition, she had dementia and the tendency to hallucinate. I just shrugged it off and told her there's no one. If you're going to suggest that she was sleep walking, no she wasn't. She's wide awake! So I thought when I was able to convince myself that its her hallucination, she went on to tell me the ultimate scare factor statement. She said to me that I must be short sighted to not see the crowd downstairs and they were all squatting at the roadside dressed in white, weird?! I swear I have not felt so freek out since the last time I felt my hair on the back of my neck stand during the 7th month many years ago.

So there you have it. My very own (rare) superstitious encounter story.

Sometimes I wish the rain will stop and I can go out with my pretty shoes. Then again... I'm enjoying the oh so cool temperatures that mother nature has sent to us. ;p

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