Friday, December 29, 2006

Saving The Best For Last

The previous day was spent at a friend's shop having steamboat in celebration of his wife's birthday. ^^

I decided to get a Bobby Brown Lip Tint for her after being ignored by the SA at another cosmetic counter. They had a lovely gift pack with a nice black ribbon but I forgot to take a picture of it. Joe also went to our usual stylist to have his hair trimmed but this time round it wasn't done as expected. *Sigh* Next time I must pressure the stylist already.

The steamboat was quite filling and there were yummy ingredients like, crab, prawns and an unusual fish ball from Japan. Initially, we thought that the fish ball wasn't cook as it had a translucent appearance and somewhat springy in texture. When I took a bite at it, the outer layer was a little soft and the inside felt kind of spongy. Texture wise, it's quite good but it was bland in taste. I supposed food from Japan are more focused on texture and health.

:: Yummy!! ::

I also spent that day shopping for the remaining presents for my twin. ^^ There a couple of stuff but when I saw it, it just reminded me of her. (Please!!) It's nothing bitchy... More mail came flooding in and Norman's present is here! *phew* I was quite worried as the seller took quite some time to reply and they didn't respond when I asked about the shipping. Luckily it came quicker than expected and all the way from the land of tea and cakes. ^^ England! So, it's not SLIM 10 okay!!!!! Grrrrrr... you friends really think I so bad mahzz. *sobs*

:: Saving The Best For Last ::

Although Christmas was quite packed with activities but somehow I'm lost as to what to do on New Year's Eve. Time to go crack my brains out..

::Shopping and Presents for the Week ::

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