Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Secret Santa

I'm typing this in between the waiting time for my next lesson. I was practically trying hard to keep awake this morning even though I had 7 hours of sleep. The rain has finally stopped and it's the longest I had seen so far for this year. It rained for a good 24 hours and I reckon there would be more rain later in the day. The sky still looks gloomy and the cold wind is blowing softly. News of trees being uprooted, cars getting into accidents are just part and parcel of this slippery weather.

As I was crossing over to the bus stop this morning, I felt a sense of relieve for wearing my water proof crocs shoes. I could step into the puddle of water (for all I care)and still dry my feet with a tissue later. Crocs are a must have for such ridiculous rainy weathers.

Halfway through blogging, the postman was at the door and I somehow expected the mail to be mine. Well, yeah I been doing tons of shopping lately and items are "flooding" in at the same time. Surprise surprise! My secret santa has sent me a gift. What more can a girl ask for but... ...


especially those from PAZZION... I'm going to spend some needed money soon ;p
Thank You Jasmine^^

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