Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sitex = Torture!

Today is one hell of a warm day and I happen to wear one of my thick Polo-Tees. *sob~

After lessons, I made my way to the Interchange hoping to find some Cd packed with Pocket PC programs but the shop is close. !_! I can't imagine it has to be close today.. So I went about getting an eye cream (recommended by my twin) for my permanent dark eye rings that I've been dying to get rid of. In the end, a sales lady tried to sell her herbal eye mask but I was not planning on spending more than what I need. So I firmly rejected. The Face Shop eye serum not only expensive but useless. After so long, my eye rings look worse than before. *sigh~ Although I do love their toner and the facial products smells heavenly.

By the way, I bought a new phone -.-v on Sunday at the last 30mins of Sitex. Ended up, I queued a freeking 2 hours because of a man who refused to budge, holding up the whole queue. The people in the line started to get restless and we resorted to talking to each other about the latest promotions around. Otherwise they would probably start slaughtering the staff ferociously for their slow as turtle working speed. Even with my level of patience, it was wearing me down and I only left the place at 10:30pm.

No more spending for the next couple of months... I hope~

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