Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Beauty Section??

I have always been interested in beauty and fashion. Oh well, which girl is not?! I know there are those who show a lack of interest but in my terms it is more like being lazy.

After my trial of IPL and Diamond Peels, I reckon that expensive procedures are not my cup of tea. In fact, my complexion got worse and in hope of getting rid of the tiny bumps, I ended up with more bumps and huge acnes that I have never experienced for close to 2 years. In a desperate attempt to recover the complexion I have yearned for, I purchase several cheaper/traditional beauty product that also failed to work but at least it did not make it any worse.

A research and many considerations later, I decided to try PCA skin care and invested quite some $$ on them. Just yesterday I wondered to myself, 'why not do up a separate skin care website to monitor the progress?' So maybe in the next few days, I will do up another link with products I use, details and pictures to monitor how it has improved. So far, my huge acne has subsided in just a miraculous night after using the PCA products. In addition, my skin is not dry at all! Usually when products are extremely dry, my skin tends to itch after that but it has been pretty good so far. Further details and updates will be provided once the site is up and I will put up the link by the sidebar.

Last night, I had trouble sleeping and I was not sure if it was the hunger or the many thoughts stuck in my head. I decided to pull myself out of bed to make some noodles as supper and headed back to sleep only after flipping for another 30mins. Unfortunately, my g.m decided to make endless noise throughout the night and left me waking up even earlier than I needed to. Grrr!!!! I think a constant lack of quality sleep is going to take a toll on my mood and I feel tired more often in the afternoon.

Wedding bells maybe ringing soon ^^ and you know who you are. Must reserve some nice dress for the occasion. *hehehehehe* Speaking of which, I'm still very in love with a black dress I saw at Bugis.V. I regretted not asking for the price that day so at least if it had been expensive, I would be turned off and not give thoughts to it anymore. *sobs~* Nvm! I will keep my eyes open for potential dresses online but first I need to rest my pocket. ;p

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