Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Dream Come True

It's just the beginning of the year but a dream I had for a whole year has finally come true. Of cos I must thank my beloved Joe for making so many phone calls and helping me in liaising with Fendi. So sweet!! Where to find le?

For those who have been reading diligently (or friends beside me) will know that I'm a fan of the Spy Bag from Fendi. To some it maybe ugly but I reckon that it is a love or hate situation. Honestly, I did hate it at first sight wondering what sort of designer comes up with such a bag. However, as the designs started rolling in and my weakness for not just good leather but "iguana-like" colors, I started to hunt high and low for this particular bag. By the time I was able to get it, the bag has long been gone from the shelves of the local Fendi Stores. *sobs* I decided to settle for something else and yet at the very start of the year 2007, it surfaced from the very fashionable capital, New York City.

Through my endless research on the Internet and forum, I finally found the very love of all bags. I couldn't help but stare at the picture on my phone all day, hoping I'll be the one carrying it soon. The envious feeling as I watch the rest get their hands on it but it felt so far away from me.

Information for those who are interested, you can try your luck calling up Fendi NY to enquire more but from what I was told they had 2 brought in (the other in turquoise gold) and both are sold off before it even reached the store. I managed to grabbed the other color as I think the turquoise may have been more popular. I'm not sure if it was luck or fate but my last update was that it's on overnight shipping to a friend in the US. Now I'll just sit and wait for his arrival back home. *big grin*

Still puzzled about what I got? Here it is ...

Fortuny Bag ^^

(p.s. this is just a borrowed picture from the internet, will post up mine when it arrives)

The soft touch of laser cut leather for that exquisite hologram effect with dark blue and golden colors. I have never seen it in real life before but the photo looks more green than blue. I suppose I will trust the words of the SA over at NY and even if it turned out more green than blue, I still wouldn't mind. This bag reminded me very much about my Jean Paul Gaultier that even after so many years together, I still love it very much.

My preference for bags are kind of unusual but that's exactly why I love them so much. They all have a character of their own. ^^

Another 7 - 8 weeks till I get my hands on my baby, for now I shall simply dream of you.

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