Monday, January 22, 2007

Gross Factor At The Start Of My Week

I was happily having lunch this afternoon from my favourite Fish Soup stall when I noticed something unusual in my bowl of rice. You can say that I'm a person who is very sensitive to what is in my food and even a strand of hair can put me off from eating it.

It was white, small and long, just like how any other ordinary rice but it had lines and LEGS on it. *Eeek!* I looked closer and realised that it was actually a worm. Immediately, I just pushed the rice aside and carried on with the soup. The worm looked like it was well-cooked together with the rice and I wondered if there were more... ...

Over the weekend, I went for a movie - One Last Dance. I always had this thing about HK gangster shows and especially so when my usual favourite actors are in it. ^^ I wouldn't say that it is a fantastic movie (as compared to Infernal Affairs) but overall it was still quite mysterious and the acting was pretty good. Initially I did find the presence of local actors some what degraded the show but watching it further made me realised how well they have done for the show. Maybe because the voices were dubbed to make them sound more similar with the other actors but it was a good effort.

The storyline was written with a bit of confusion and mystery leaving the imaginary minds to wonder what would happen next and how that scene came about. I suppose the director does not intend to do a squeal on it, hence the abrupt plot and ending.

While the show was going on, a couple sitting next to us were also "doing it" and even when the scenes weren't funny, we could all hear the giggling sounds from the girl. I suppose they not only weren't able to do it at home or at a hotel or have a car to park at East Coast Park for it. So the next cheapest alternative is to pay $9.50 on a weekend and do it right at a dark cinema where they think no one is watching. It's not only embarrassing for the girl (if she feel any) but also disturbing for the people nearby. So, please go to a hotel or just do it at the staircase landing since they don't mind being in public.

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