Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy 2007 ^^

My first entry for the year 2007. I am hoping to get some pictures from New Years Eve dinner but I suppose it will take awhile.

I had a family gathering at a relatives and I invited my twin to join in the fun. ^^ We stayed there for some time before proceeding next door to watch the spectacular fireworks right smack outside of the apartment's window. That's what I call 'First Class Seats'. The night went well and it was enjoyable. The exchange of greetings and smiles, hopefully it will stay that way for the rest of the year.

It was the first day of school on Wednesday and while I was on the bus, I noticed the large number of secondary one teenagers. Somehow it appalled me that parents were sending their kids to school on the first day. It was as if they were still 6 when they first stepped into Primary School. They only memory I had was my mum walking me to the bus stop as we happened to leave home at the same time and there was just one bus available. I just started wondering why they needed their parents to be around them when they had been going to school for the past 6 years. Even though one may say it is a new compound and the environment is different but I just cannot think of a reason why 12-13year olds need company. Can it be considered as being over protective causing them to loose their sense of independence. Although when I stopped to think of it, I wonder if I will become one of them some day. ;p

Last night was one hell of a horror for me. My grandma had a bad fall outside and I had to send her to the hospital in an ambulance in the wee hours. Sometimes it can be quite a worry for elderly to take a fall. So do send them for an immediate checkup even if they look fine. I only managed to settle everything at 5am, leaving me with less than 3 hours of sleep. *shrug* I desperately need a break and relax.

Currently watching this Korean Serial, Lovers In Paris. It is like what the title says, a love story about a rich man who falls for a super poor girl. Quite typical of korean serials if you ask me but I think it hits a weak point in almost everyone who watched it as majority may have experience or will like to experience love. The show can be quite humourous but draggy at certain parts. I had the temptation of forwarding the cd but I refrain from doing so. So far, I'm half way through the entire drama and as usual it can be so addictive that I cannot help slotting in the next disc. ;p *says hi to panda eyes*-.-

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