Wednesday, January 17, 2007

M.I.A Found

Joe surprised me with a call at the wee hours of this morning telling me that he was back home. A part of me is glad while the other is piss off with his non-contact for the past 5 days. *Grrr!*

Anyway I had a horrible morning feeling nausea and had such bad cramps that I had to curl up at the corner of my bed. The feeling was just excruciating and beyond bearable. I was left with no choice but to postpone my classes and slumped back into bed with medicine and medical oil. Hopefully I'll feel better in another day...

The next half of the day was spent resting and watching vcds with Joe. He brought back some lovely goodies for me. ^^ He remembered how much I love the Nina Ricci Perfume and so he got me one and it came with a miniature bottle along with a body lotion. *Ooowww* In the end, I was going Gaga over the small bottle cos it looked so adorable. *heeheehee* The body lotion will be good on casual days. Maybe it's time I start using some perfume rather than to leave them lying around and eventually turning yellow. He also bought me some famous Mineral Skin Care, which includes an anti-aging face cream, eye cream and a hand and face moisturiser. I ended up passing the anti-aging face cream to his mum as it would be too rich for me.

:: Goodies For The Day ::

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