Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Look

I had thoughts of giving my blog a new look but wasn't thinking of getting down to doing it. Instead of setting up my new beauty section, I ended up revamping the look of my blog. As I was browsing through some pictures, the colourful stripped background caught my eye and that's where it all started. A click here, a click there and a couple of hours later, a new look was born.

Now I'm looking through my other account to see what is available for my beauty section. *sigh~ I have to look at those Javascript once again and it's so tiring. Not to mention I have to start from scratch... ...

There's a certain scent in the air and it smells like herbs. My mum's making chicken soup and I think it's one of the best soup that she ever cooked. ;p Sad but true, I do wish I can hide somewhere whenever she starts to come up with funny "inventions".

Time to get back to work >.<

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