Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spring Cleaning Day

It's amazing how every year when I carry out spring cleaning before cny, there will always be pile of unwanted clothes and junk within the drawers.

I'm still not finished yet and there is already 2 big bags of clothes and another with unwanted accessories. Not including another bag of junk that I have disposed off earlier. Tomorrow, I will clear up my book shelves and clothes in the other closet before I get the "Junk Man" to come over and collect my junk (aka his treasures).

As I went through my closet, I noticed the change in preference for clothings and accessories in just one short year. I chucked a whole pile of red tops that look really washed out and I remembered how much I used to love to wear them. I continued digging out more clothes from within and what I'm left with are black, brown, pink and white clothings. I suppose the choice of colors are more mature and subtle with either simple or unusual designs to it. It was then that I realised the clothes left untouched with tags that I had wanted to send for alterations. *sheesh!* I better get it done before cny...

Seems like cny is always the busiest month for me and I have to decide what to wear this year - colors, style, materials, shoes, bags, etc. Yes, my mind will go into a frantic mess of coordination and usually I save time by thinking about what sort of style or theme I should have for the year. Sadly, my mind is blank and I suppose I'll have to window shop to get some form of inspiration. ;p

Clothes aside, I'll need to make decisions on what hair I'll like to have and who or where to go to for it. Speaking of which, I need to confirm with Joe before making appointments. Lastly, I will settle my nails with my usual nail artist over at mohd sultan. I better make an appointment soon as well. ^^ Busy month ahead!

Time to go finish up some sunday errands ~

:: Vanity Picture For The Week ::

(My new shades)

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