Friday, January 19, 2007

TCM (once again)

I have been getting constant headaches for the past week that I decided to go for chinese sinseh treatment instead. If I had went to the western doctor, I would most probably be given panadol and told to rest.

This time, I went to Ma Kuang and it was pretty empty during lunch hour. The sinseh took my pulse, blood pressure and asked for my symptoms. She reckon that my pulse is weak and hot weather will send a sudden rush of heatiness upwards in the body resulting in my constant headaches. After assessing all my symptoms, she explained in a clear manner that I loved as my past experience with chinese doctors left me sitting silently at the chair. They usually check very throughly and thinks quietly to themselves on what is suited for me. In a way, it's a practise I like as it shows that they are serious about the kind of medicine given to their patient and what is the right combination for each individual.

After my consultation, I stood outside waiting for my medicine to be ready. All the chinese herbs were grind into powder form and stored in labeled bottles. The nurse then took a few bottles as prescribed by the doctor to the weighing station where each amount is put together for a week supply. After that, she pours the powder into this machine, which will pack it equally into 7 smaller packets. *amazed* This is so much more convenient as compared to the herbs I got from Chung Hwa and it did not require any form of brewing. I just need to tear open one packet and pour it into warm water for consumption.

For those who are interested, the consultation is only $8 and my week's medicine is $43.30. I know that herbs are fairly expensive but I found it to be quite reasonable. There was a slight discount given and I supposed that it's a small price to pay for a better health, right? ^^

I happened to walk past a new fashion store and bought a BAPE cap from them. It reminded me of the nice caps I saw at Korea and I wondered if I should have bought more the last time I was there. I miss the food, cool weather and friends there. >.<
A little something for "Baby" as well.

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:: Food Reviews ::

Joe and I were figuring out what to eat yesterday when I notice this Sarawak Kolo Mee. I remembered seeing it on TV and decided to give it a try. I order the prawn, wanton and char siew mee. It is served dry with a bowl of soup at $5.90.

At first try, the fragrance of the onion oil was heavenly but 5 mins into it - we both started finding faults with it. The noodle somehow wasn't that springy and the texture is rather "cheap" like some cheapo instant noodle. The vegetables were overcooked and yellow, char siew was tough and wonton was tasteless. Even the taste of the vege was weird, like it was cooked in some stale tasting water. Besides the nice onion oil and smooth wonton skin, there is really nothing to rave about them. I will give them the thumbs down. x_x

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