Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Unfortunate Day

It's been a long time since I ever told myself how unfortunate a day can be for me.

Earlier while I was out getting lunch, I decided to collect my clothes from the tailor. As I walked past the coffee shop, I placed my order for food and walked over to the tailor. It was then I realised that I have not paid for the tailoring and after paying, there wasn't enough cash to pay for the food.

Left without a choice, I had to rush home for more money and along the way I wondered if I could just get a pack of rice for my grandma and aeroplane the stall. Sadly, that would be quite a bad idea as I'm always around the area and they may end up blacklisting me. So I walked as fast as I could and upon reaching the void deck, I was greeted by a faulty lift. !_! The other side was working but it refused to come down as the faulty lift was already at ground floor. So I rushed up to the 5th floor to press the lift down and got the rest of my neighbours in as well.

After which I walked back to the coffee shop to collect my food and was once again greeted by the same faulty lift. My other neighbours had probably waited for some time and the other lift refused to budge. I pressed it once again and it came down shortly. Thinking that there must have been someone coming down, they were all surprised when it was actually empty. Then my neighbour looked at me and said that my fingers must have some kind of magic (after which she kept winking at me *faint*). Even though it was quite an unlucky day, I managed to talk to neighbours whom I often ignore. Just a while ago, I realised that I almost made a mistake with my bill payment. Luckily, I have not dropped the check yet.

Now I'm all tired and sleepy from all that activity but I still need to go to the Laundry. z_z


Cny is coming and there'll be lots of new clothes and SHOES!!! Suddenly I could feel my spirit being lighted up with joy. I was at City Plaza yesterday to check out what was available there. I was told that the clothes (or something) were cheaper and often similar to what can be found at the shopping centre. After go through racks and racks of it, I conclude that the clothes are not only expensive but pretty dull as well. Some of the shops don't even put price tags and I feel that they give varying prices to different customers.

I was interested in a pair of black patent leather pumps and when I asked for the price, I was slapped with a $39 price tag. It is so so expensive in my context and shoes from taiwan or hk are usually less than $35. So after some thought, it was bargained till $30 and she gave it to me without much thought. It's either business is bad or the shoe was marked up till a ridiculous percentage. It was only when I reached home that I remember seeing it in Far East Plaza. Over the weekend I will be dropping by for more retail therapy for Joe's upcoming D&D and maybe do some price comparison.

While I was waiting for my shoe to come, a China National girl walked in with a dress that she picked from the racks outside and asked for the price. The lady looked and gave her a $89 price tag that I thought to myself how ridiculous it was. The dress to me wasn't that nice to start with and I feel it may not even be retailed for more than $40.

After much boredom, I headed down to Square 2 - a new mall at Novena. The shops are not fully opened yet but I predict that most of them should be ready by end of next week. It has a 4 in 1 fashion concept from Thailand, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan. Each level if a different style from the various countries and the fashion apparels are much more acceptable. I manged to get another pair of patent leather pump but in a more unusual colour, purple. ^^

A picture of my patent leather heel family. ^^

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