Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yet Another Weekend

It's Saturday night and I'm lazing around at home waiting for any calls for tea. I woke up feeling like a zombie and I left straight after class as I couldn't take the exhaustion anymore.

So I hopped into this Volkswagen Cab, which I thought was one hell of a hideous looking cab. The uncle was on the phone and thought he was on call for some airport transfer. He signalled to me that his cab is available and to get in. I hesitated for awhile but thought to myself that the difference in price isn't that big. Anyway, I was dying to get home, have lunch and shut my eyes. The interior felt relatively small but the ride was pretty comfy with soft and well supported leather seats. When the taxi pulled away on the highway, it felt rather smooth and torquey. In the end, I paid about the same price as my trip up and I thought it was pretty worth it.

Lunch consisted of instant noodle as I was too tired to have lunch with my student and I didn't feel like walking back home when I already paid for the cab fee. So I quickly had lunch, checked my mails and went to bed for a good 2 hours. Dinner was a bit Blah and I stil feel like sleeping - all thanks to this cold and rainy weather. *BrrBrrr*

Lastly, some updates on my migraines, The TCM works pretty well and my migraines are gone. Maybe it really helps or maybe the weather has turned cooler but I suppose more importantly I need to increase my intake of fluids and have better sleep during the weekdays.

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