Tuesday, February 27, 2007

5 Yu Shengs and counting ... ...

It better be a fabulous year since I had already toss 5 Yu Sheng so far. Unfortunately, I had fallen weak to the lack of rest for the past 3 weeks and I had to reschedule my classes so that I can recoup my precious sleep.

Joe and I caught 3 movies during the festive season, namely Norbit, Ghost Rider and The Protege.

Norbit is one hell of a comedy and Eddie Murphy will definitely tickle those stiff bones of yours. It is a show worth watching especially after a stressful day. Ghost Rider isn't too bad as well. There is a bit of humour and obviously most suited for comic lovers. Initially, I wasn't too excited about watching it but since it did not bore me much. I suppose it was still quite a nice show after all. The Protege is one show I have to watch and the handsome characters inside just make it more juicy. ^^ The show is all about the operations of a drug syndicate and how drugs affect the daily lives of people. It is very realistic with quite a few scary scenes on the bad effects of drugs and I think the gross pictures on the cigarette boxes just turned more mild after that. It touches the hearts of the viewer and it has taught me the reason why people choose to take up drugs. By the way, the actors and actress in the show were fantastic as well.

I loved Yu Sheng so much that I dragged Joe for a mini toss at Sakae Sushi. The lovely aroma of sesame oil and the sweetness of sliced salmon were all too irresistible. Surprisingly a small portion was too much for the 2 of us and it could have fed about 4 people. With the other orders we made, our stomach was filled to the brim. *burp*

On Sunday, we managed to see the Chingay after dinner and we weren't even aware of it's presence in the HDB estates till we went out for a cup of yummilicious bubble tea. The floats were exactly those that we saw at Orchard and they even had a mini fair for the occasion. Speaking of which, I had smelly tofu at the River Ang Bow and it wasn't that smelly after all. *LOL!* It is suppose to have a smell but I think those sold there weren't soaked long enough.

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