Wednesday, February 28, 2007

As Sick As I Can Get

I've been lying on my sick bed since last night and it was only an hour ago that I managed to be able t sit upright. My joy didn't last long as I now slump back onto my bed ranting away on my blog.

The diarrhea has yet to subside and my gastric is getting worse because of that. I feel like a bloated, nausea puffer fish right now and if I walked around for too long, I'll begin to feel like some pregnant woman whose about to throw up at the sight of anything. It's been ages since I felt so sick and medicine seem to be of little use.

As I laid in my bed at 8 in the morning, I wondered if I could even survive if I was home alone without anyone to take care of me. As I closed my eyes, I started imagining myself crawling across the marble floor grabbing any edible food and struggling to get my Milo. Pitiful as it sounds, sometimes we just have to appreciate our nagging parents for being around to take care of us. ;p

After lying around for the past 12 hours, I decided to sit up and hopefully make myself feel better by flipping thought the new CanCan magazine my cousin got for me from Japan. As I drool over the bags and shoes, constantly reminding myself that I had made a promise to quit getting bags for the next 11months - I saw a hairstyle that I thought looked kind of fabulous and I took down a picture of it.

I love how the color complimented the skin tone of the model, the soft curls and stylish fringe that is so hot right now. I tried to cut such a fringe but somehow I just can't seem to get the look. Maybe it's the rebonding that makes the fringe flat and stiff while theirs are bouncy. I know that many girls are after such a look - light, fluffy curls but it just never seem to work.

Digital Perm is the way to go if you want nice curls and make sure your hair is long. Use only big ceramic perm rods as I did a comparison with the medium ones they mixed into my big rods, just wasn't what I fancied. The first week will definitely be tight and you maybe tempted to get rid of the curls. Don't despair! Curls look better as time goes by and I'm so loving mine after 2 weeks. Good styling lotion makes a whole world of difference. So do not shun those expensive brands and think that a $5 tub will work just as good. That's just self deceit!

Scrunching is important to keep your perm in place unless you just want waves then you can allow the weight of your hair to pull it down. Although it's still not advisable as longest part of your hair will straighten out in no time. Yes, those on the model look fabulous but do consider the fact that Japanese hair curl easier than us and most of them are done through styling. If you're just styling your hair for that mere hour of photo shoot then obviously it will look good in all those magazines. Even when I managed to achieve those curls from the magazine with my electric curler, it will start to loosen up by the end of the day but there will still be some shape in it.

You may ask why do digital/spa/ceramic perm rather than Jap perm. Jap perm doesn't use the machine to curl ur hair and results are usually drier and stiffer as compared to ceramic perm. I've tried them so I can safely say that the 'alien machine' is way better. I can allow my hair to dry even without any products applied and walked out of the door with no worries. If I did that with my Jap perm, I will go to the nearest shopping mall and get myself a cap.

Yet another tip. Don't be lazy with your conditioner! Even if you don't do hair mask, the least you should do is apply conditioner after shampoo and comb through ur curls while they're wet to entangle them. Scrunch them back into shape and you won't have to worry about loosing it because of that. What if you don't comb it? Then make sure your hair is naturally tangle free. Otherwise you may just walk around with frizzy hair. I also find that applying styling products after hair is totally dry looks way better than when it's semi-dry. I believe the wet hair already has some weight which may pull the hair down. With lotion applied to it, that may added further weight and make it less bouncy.

So that is all the tips I can give with my years of experience with perm hair. Good Luck!

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