Tuesday, February 06, 2007

First Attempt At Japan Order

This is my first attempt at ordering items from Japan and maybe it's the ability to communicate with them in English that made it smooth and easy.

My parcel arrived in about 5 working days (nt. including sat and sun) in a large envelope taped up in a letter size. I unwrapped it to reveal my items all in bubble wrap and I suppose that is one thing that allows buyers to feel at ease that their packages are being properly packed.

The next time I need to have white lights at home. Otherwise all my pictures are going to be yellow all the time. Grrrrr! Anyway, that't the Hello Kitty Strap and the keychain toy that I ordered.

Both are equally adorable but I really love the kitty strap alot! It's actually specially designed by some Japanese guy who specialise in all those gothic styles. So here's a gothic kitty! ^^

As of now, I should go into "Retail Hibernation" till something irresistible comes along. LOL!

My week so far has been pretty much the same and I still have some minor spring cleaning to do before CNY. All my clothes have been settled but Joe and I will still be going shopping next week all thanks to OCBC. That's why we should sign our expenses, so that we can get free shopping vouchers for my stuff. ^^ Don't you love such rewards? *Grins* I can't wait for Thursday to come and I can get my hair 'overhauled' for the next 6 months. Will post up pictures soon.

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