Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Lunar New Year

Today is the 4th day of the Lunar New Year and lots of visiting, eating and of cos, gambling has taken place. That's all part and parcel of the fun of new year, isn't it.

I haven't had much sleep since the day before Chinese new year. After my reunion dinner, I spent a night squeezing with the crowd and shoving those sweaty bodies in all directions. It was so stuffy that I thought I could faint but it was fun when there was a whole gang of us. There was even a group of youths who decided to take pictures in the midst of the squeezing and I remember someone who decided to join in from behind but ... ... with a middle finger. *LOL!*

On the first day of Lunar New Year, I woke up quite early and changed into my lovely blue chiffon dress that I have reserved for a long time. Sadly I didn't take pictures of all my different outfits for everyday, so maybe next time. The firs half of the day was spent waiting for my relatives to arrive, which half of them only did when I left. The afternoon was over at Joe's relatives and another in the evening. By night time, we were all sticky from the hot weather. So, we decided to make our way home for a quick shower and ... nap. (zzzz) Mind you but it was 10pm. *faint* Anyway we had a gambling session at past 11pm so we still had time. The bets were huge and all I can review is that the night's winning was beyond imagination.

By day 2, I'm as shag as I could be but still it's Chinese New Year. So I reluctantly dragged myself off my comfy new sheets and into my next new outfit, red strip ruffle top with bow tied ribbon and a pink Capri. After a nice home-cooked meal, we lazed around before going to another intense gambling session. All I can say is that, being a spectacle is so much more relaxing.

Day 3 - we wore a couple Tee for visiting at yet another relative place. The food was fabulous and so were the ... gambling. ;p It was one house after the other and I managed to win quite a fair bit with blackjack. ^^ Lucky day perhaps ...

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