Friday, February 16, 2007

Humans Are The Complicated Ones

I have heard it countless times. People tell me love is complicated, relationships are complicated whether is it BGR or family or friends.

I have just one thing to say. Matters are always simple but the human mind prefers to go in circles and think of all possible scenarios before deciding which is the best possible solution. Even during exams, we noticed that there are times we make the silliest mistakes for a question that has the simplest answer ever. However, our complicated mind prefers to think otherwise. Just like relationships between the people around us that we choose to base our judgment on assumptions and rash decisions. The superficial way in judging a person by his or her looks may just sound familar.

There are those who may take a long time to understand, while some who choose to slowly/carefully review their true nature to people whom they're comfortable with. It could be the lack of patience (since we're all living in a fast pace society), open-mindedness (the pessimistic mind that rounds up our knowledge in those so call experiences), unwilling to adapt to new ideas or personality (who says we can only be with people alike) and mostly, the fear of rejection and shattering the egoistic side of them.

With every decision made, there should always be thoughts of consequences and not just your oneself. Even though the society may have become a selfish environment, a little compassion and smile will make the road less tedious.

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