Saturday, February 17, 2007

Last Day Of The Lunar Calendar

Today is the last day of the Chinese Lunar Calendar and the night that we have an annual reunion dinner. After a busy year, it's nice to be able to reunite every member of the family and share updates in their lives.

I had just got back from getting some last minute stuff for CNY and the weather if just insane. The sudden change in hot and dry weather can be quite intolerable at times, giving me frequent headaches in between. In another 2-3 hours, my house will be crowded with aunts and cousins, together with their 'monster' kids. Speaking of which, I better hide all fragile items. Although it's been a tiring and busy week, somehow it does feel good to have everyone over and make a mess out of the house (again). *lol!*

Unfortunately, my Italy trip has been cancelled and now I have to wait for the next favourable one. *Sigh* I thought I could pack my bags and have a holiday during CNY. Well, there's always next time.

Hopefully the year of the pig will be a good year ahead for everyone and may us all prosper and be filled with smiles all year round. ^^ I'm so looking forward to visiting and there will be tons of food for me to eat over the next 2 days. New Year resolution one - Gain weight within 2 days. *wink*

Okay, it's time for me to get prepared for dinner and later sweat it out at Chinatown.

:: Yet Another Festive Excuse For Shopping ::

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