Friday, February 09, 2007

New Hair For the New Year

CNY is nearing and I went for my hair appointment with Joe yesterday for a new hair-do for the new year.

Place: Kimage Prestige Marina Square
Stylist: Jason
Service: Haircut / Digital Perm / Treatment

I didn't have to wait for long before Jason served me and we had some discussion on what kind of style I'm looking for and what my concerns are. It is important that I do my research before heading down and I'll always bring along my 'hair-y bible' as a pictorial guide to what I want. I'm also aware of what sort of hairstyle I cannot have and this is usually known through the failures of hair cuts I had in the past.

After some brief discussion, we finalised on the picture I brought along and he proceeded on with the application of the chemical before putting up the roller, which weight like a ton on my head. *faint* He used the bigger roller on my length and mentioned that it could have been that my hair length the last time was shorter, hence smaller rollers weigh lighter at that time. Following that, the 'alien machine' was rolled in and the wires were plugged in to heat up the rollers. He was very sweet to add extra paddings but the heat was too intense and I thought I almost felt like my scalp was in some oven. Being an attentive stylist, he came back to check up on me to make sure that I was not 'roasted'. After some time, the rollers were removed and setting lotion was sprayed. The final part was always my favourite, treatment. ^^ He did an additional treatment on top the the one given and he used the O3 machine as well.

With a bit of snipping of the fringe, the final product was produced.

The curls are tight now but it still looks acceptable for me and when it loosen up, it will look like those soft curls that we all love in the Jap magazine. ^^ Thumbs up for Jason. *yeah*


I was flipping through the newspapers today and I came across an article about some teenager who tried to steal 10k worth of items from Isetan Scotts. It's amazing how they managed to climb down the parapet without thinking of the consequences if they fell. Not to mention the tight security in the shopping mall, I doubt they can even walk out without being noticed. Teenagers nowadays are really getting more daring then before but foolish at the same time.

Following the news, I heard that now in New York, pedestrians are not allowed to listen to their IPod and mobile phones while crossing the road. Otherwise they will be slapped with a $100 fine. I think that will be one habit that is hard to kick.


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