Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day

It's that once a year event where retailers swing out their samurai swords and hack the sh*t out of us for costly dinners, flowers and gifts. Yes! It's Valentines Day.

I can't believe that it actually slipped my mind till Joe mentioned it a few days ago. *blur* It used to be the festival where I will anticipate the gifts or flowers coming my way. Poly days were the most memorable as anything from my secondary school mates may have meant that I was a lesbian. *sweat* I even used to exchange flowers with my bestie and we made it like a tradition every year to go to the floral shop together to pick out our favourite flowers, only to exchange it the minute we pay it. As boring as it may sound but it does add a bit of interest into out 17 years friendship marathon. *wink*

Even though flowers are expensive but I suppose it is rare for guys to offer them on a normal day. Hence, this is a special occasion where they can justify buying it. As unpractical as it may seem, I still love receiving flowers even if there's no occasion. The lovely colors and scent just makes me jelly legs. Unfortunately, I do remember a guy who bought me a whole bouquet of flowers and you guessed right, he was not a guy I fancy (in the first place) and to see him in the wee hours of busy city office life (at that time) was like seeing the devil that even my boss looked better. Although he tried to win me over by getting things I like but he actually got me yellow roses and I honestly have no idea who in the world taught him that. I reluctantly accepted it to save his embarrassment only to chuck it into the bin later on. I just couldn't bring myself to show up at work with yellow roses in my hands.

This year will be different. Joe, his mum and I will be going to town for shopping in the morning. We're doing some last minute shopping with our vouchers and most likely be bombarded with young chaps chucking flowers into every men they can see and hopefully their $10 per stalk will be bought by some ignorant 'rich' person. Maybe I will give the excuse of being allergic to flowers so that they can just run along or scatter. *hehehe* Anyway, I know it sounds ironic since I really love flowers but even things we all love needs to be justified against it's value. I won't substitute something I love for a poorly presented yet overly priced tag on it. *waving my finger around my head*

I would however rather spend some much needed $$ on ... ...

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