Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wonders of Perm

I always favoured curls over straight hair. Although the convenience of straight hair can be quite a time saver. Nevertheless, I still love to play around with curls at least once within a year.

It's almost 7pm on a quiet Saturday and I'm starving right now. Joe has slept off half the day and now I'm waiting for him before we can head down to Taka for some major shopping spree. I'll update on what we can possibly get with (say) a $500 voucher. ^^

After waiting for 2 hours and that exclude the time I used to take a shower, doll up and blow my hair, I got so bored that I decided to do my version of a Jap hair. *wink* I took out a cute little hair band and started tugging around my newly permed hair. It's not an easy task when curls have the tendency to entangle. *sigh* After some 5mins, I managed to sort out 2 bundles to be placed in front and the rest are lightly sweep to the side, twirled with the blue mickey hair band. At the last round of the band, I pulled the hair half way and separated the ends to both sides. The curls give it some style and prevents the ends from sticking out in any embarrassing directions. It does feel kind of heavy so I'm not sure how long this style can hold as well. I stick in 2 black pins but by now the hair on both sides have already relaxed a little and it hangs softly by the side. Although worried that it may give way or turn out messy later on, I decided to carry this style out of the house and if it does look good, I can always restyle it with a bit of water.

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