Monday, March 26, 2007

The Day Dresden Sounded Dreadful

Joe barely had a few days here and he has to fly off to Dresden for yet another work trip. Sounds more dreadful to me but it's okay. ^^ We went around having all the food that he missed while he was in Korea, Char siew, Roast Pork, Suckling Pig, Chicken Rice, Crab and we even had roasted Quills for lunch yesterday. It was a specialty dish that the stall only had on weekends. Priced at $5 each, some may find it costly but it's worth trying! Where to find it? Marina SQ Food Loft - Roast meat stall.

While having lunch, I happen to see this cat lying just a table away. It looked so relaxed even with the afternoon lunch crowd and insane hot weather.

I was delaying my lunch hoping that the postman will come as scheduled but he didn't. So I thought that the keyboard shield won't arrive today. As I was walking back from lunch, a familar face whizzed passed me on the (oh so) familar Singpost bike. *Sh*t!* I rushed back and was delighted to see a big, flat parcel awaiting to be ripped open. *hehe* It arrived just on time and now I'm still trying to get used to it. I keep missing alphabets as I typed this short entry. *Grr!!*

(View slide above) The silicon skin is as white as snow and I wanted it to match my white macbook. The texture is so smooth that my fingers are simply sliding around the keyboard missing out on letters every now and then. Since I chose the opaque color, they had bold, black alphabets printed on it. I loved it because it's so much clearer than those on the keyboard. I was also surprised at how it fitted the keys and the sides so well that the one given by Apple was just crap! When I first pulled it out of the packaging, it was so smooth below that I could feel a strong static that most likely helped to keep it in place. With this new shield, I can put my mind at ease and I know for sure that any dust or dirt will not be able to enter under it. I had to rubbed off every dirt mark left behind by the previous cover before placing this cover over it.

If you're a Macbook owner, I highly recommend this and stop wasting your time with that lousy cover that they provide you with. Only con I can think of is the overly smooth texture that I have difficult adjusting to - for today that is. ;p

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